Local Community Foundation Announces A New Name and Expanded Services for Estero Bay Youth

Foundation’s Transformation Creates More Recreation and Enrichment Program Opportunities For Estero Bay Youth

The Community Foundation of Estero Bay, Inc., formerly Morro Bay Community Foundation, Inc., recently announced its new name, a move representing more than just its geographical impact. The Foundation is broadening the pool of youth programs it supports, in an effort to engage more local youth in sports, recreation and enrichment programs considered vital to children’s health and well-being. The Foundation supports youth participation by offering financial awards to offset a portion of the enrollment fees for these activities, for children of families who for financial reasons might otherwise not be able to participate. Since its inception in 1992, the Foundation has provided $ 345,000 in such financial assistance to children.

While continuing its long standing support of the City of Morro Bay’s Recreation Division programs, the Foundation will now collaborate with other non-profit and public providers of youth sports, recreation and enrichment programs within the Estero Bay area of Los Osos, Morro Bay, and Cayucos.

The Community Foundation of Estero Bay offers financial assistance that covers a significant portion of the enrollment fees in various recreation programs, for children who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs at their local Estero Bay schools. The Foundation serves children from all four Estero Bay elementary schools (Baywood, Cayucos, Del Mar and Monarch Grove), as well as the Los Osos Middle School. Making these programs financially accessible to families supports the Foundation’s ongoing and vital mission of providing health and well-being benefits to the children of Estero Bay.

In its current fiscal year, the Foundation will provide more than $40,000 in financial assistance to support participation in Estero Bay youth recreation and enrichment programs. While this support is considerable, a total of more than 900 children could potentially qualify for a Foundation award, deeming the expansion of its donor outreach a clear progressive step for the organization.

“If more Estero Bay children are going to benefit from participation in sports or enrichment activities, we need to consistently expand and solidify our community outreach.” Remarks Ron Reisner, current President of the Foundation’s Board.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Estero Bay, Inc. or to make a donation, visit www.communityfoundationesterobay.org.

The Community Foundation of Estero Bay, Inc., formerly the Morro Bay Community Foundation, is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in October 1992 by local volunteer community leaders. For the past 24 years, the Foundation has supported the participation of children of financially challenged families in youth sports and youth enrichment programs - programs key to improving the health and well-being of Estero Bay area children. The Foundation has continually been run by volunteers, with no paid staff. More information is available at www.communityfoundationesterobay.org/.


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